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Gala Must


Smooth and shiny skin, yellow-red with a blush, which covers about 70% of the surface of the fruit. The flesh is yellow, firm, aromatic, very juicy and tasty.

Golden Delicious


Skin slightly shiny, greenish-yellow. The flesh is yellow, juicy and very aromatic. Fruit Golden Delicious are the most well-known yellow apples in the world. Perfect to be eaten raw, baked or in desserts.



Skin smooth, slightly shiny, largely covered with red, fuzzy blush. Fruit varieties Gloster are ideal to be eaten raw. They are very crispy and expressive in taste and not browning flesh by oxidation.



Skin shiny with bright red, slightly striped blush. The flesh is creamy, very juicy and crispy. The fruit of this variety are slightly acid. They are suitable for long-term storage, also at home. Frequently added to desserts. Ideal for juices and cakes.



Red-yellow skin covered with red belt blush. It is a gently apple crispy dense flesh. It is juicy and flavorful with a slightly sweet-sour aftertaste. Apples of this variety are suitable for consumption raw, as well as baking, boiling, stewing and frying.



These fruits distinguish themselves for very early coloration reaching a deep red color. The fruits are large. Skin is shiny, smooth, in 95 to 100% covered with a heavy fuzzy maroon blush.



With hard skin, greenish when ripe turns yellow, shiny. It is covered with a bright red, fuzzy blush. The flesh is creamy, very juicy. Fruit varieties Ligol because of its juiciness are particularly recommended for juices, compotes and cocktails.



Apples of this variety are large, spherical. Fruits are very regular in terms of size and coloring. The skin is yellow, slightly oily and covered in a large part by the red, fuzzy striped blush. The flesh is creamy, crispy, juicy, sweet-acid and generally assessed as very tasty.



With a yellow-green skin, covered with a red-orange, striped blush. Its flesh is creamy, crispy, sweet, slightly acid, aromatic. Szampion apples are perfect to be eaten raw or in desserts.

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